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Heroes Need Rest by RedsoulTayki Heroes Need Rest :iconredsoultayki:RedsoulTayki 7 17 Before||After - Heroes Need Rest by RedsoulTayki Before||After - Heroes Need Rest :iconredsoultayki:RedsoulTayki 3 0 Once Upon A Time by RedsoulTayki Once Upon A Time :iconredsoultayki:RedsoulTayki 7 25 Roses are Red by RedsoulTayki Roses are Red :iconredsoultayki:RedsoulTayki 9 7
Prussia x Reader: That Special Someone
Prussia's POV
Being one of the most popular guy in Gakuen Hetalia is an exceptional blessing. Girls svooning over my awesome good looks, boys praising my awesome talent and teachers letting the awesome me off the hook in most cases. But sometimes, I get rather lonely despite of the overvhelming attention they give me.
I mean, imagine, amidst the thundering squeals of my fangirls, there is one girl, screaming my name and making it sound very special. My life vould be awesomely complete if she vas mein...
          "Ohonhon ~ Mon ami, who do you zhink would receive zhe most chocolates between us zhree?" Francis asked, bringing me out of my thoughts. "Chocolates... Vhat about them?" I shrugged vhile petting Gilbird. "Ay! Mi amigo, have you forgotten what day it is tomorrow?" Antonio put an arm over my shoulder as I gave him a look of confusion. "Forgot vhat?" I asked back, earning a gawk from the both of them. "Ohonhon ~ what 'as be
:iconredsoultayki:RedsoulTayki 23 17
I Am Me by RedsoulTayki I Am Me :iconredsoultayki:RedsoulTayki 6 8 Tribal Skull by RedsoulTayki Tribal Skull :iconredsoultayki:RedsoulTayki 11 44 Love? by RedsoulTayki Love? :iconredsoultayki:RedsoulTayki 0 7 Two is Better than One by RedsoulTayki Two is Better than One :iconredsoultayki:RedsoulTayki 3 21 Freewill by RedsoulTayki Freewill :iconredsoultayki:RedsoulTayki 1 2
A Broken Two
Because of the glass that separates us two,
You're unable to see my tears-stained-face,
You can't feel the storm that rages on
In my heart, that you called your treasure
Because of the distance in between us two,
You're unable hear my hurt-filled-voice,
You can't smell the crimson fluid
That escaped from below my skins
I have tried crawling up these cold walls,
But only to be found more broken than ever
I have tried to sail on these bottomless seas,
But only to be drifted farther from our place
There was nothing to call for you,
Nothing to let you know that I'm gone
No signals to send my S.O.S. cry
Nothing to crack the gap in between
How much does it take to hear your singing?
What do I have to lose to see your smile?
If all I ever wanted is to be tainted with your care
And be enveloped by your chocolate embrace
These barriers that separates us two,
Left me with nothing but chaste loneliness,
Left me with nothing but a cold faded letter,
And your words, "I wish I was there with you"
:iconredsoultayki:RedsoulTayki 2 7
Cadmus and Harmonia by RedsoulTayki Cadmus and Harmonia :iconredsoultayki:RedsoulTayki 6 13
Route Leisure
I'm driving out of town with no plans
Surely, I'm en route to nowhere.
Will you drive out with me tonight?
Certain that this will be a fun joy-ride!
Hey, I have a road map by the mirror,
But let's not bother looking at it.
Come now, just drive with no direction,
They said it's the best thing ever!
Hey, let's put down the windows,
And feel the air smash onto our faces.
Come now, light your cigarette,
As I change the radio's station.
Do think that tomorrow's not coming,
And take the path that no one took.
We're staying up late night, driving,
And come back home, another day.
Oh before I forget to tell you,
None of my parents know of this joke.
Making this journey is a little tomfool,
Alongside her is another mischief maker.
Hey, they said, life's a high-way road,
Too many ways, too many slopes,
There're many choices to make, indeed,
Yet we only ask, "Where's business?"
:iconredsoultayki:RedsoulTayki 2 3
America x Reader: Love Letter by RedsoulTayki America x Reader: Love Letter :iconredsoultayki:RedsoulTayki 46 95 Brunette Girl by RedsoulTayki Brunette Girl :iconredsoultayki:RedsoulTayki 4 24 Many Faces by RedsoulTayki Many Faces :iconredsoultayki:RedsoulTayki 5 29


Pearls by koyamori Pearls :iconkoyamori:koyamori 2,009 0 Dappled Light by yuumei Dappled Light :iconyuumei:yuumei 23,466 586 Poem of levitation by Piroshki-Photography Poem of levitation :iconpiroshki-photography:Piroshki-Photography 1,695 49

At peace within this tranquil garden,
I picture the moments where I've made you smile.

Those times are endlessly precious to me,
I think they're worth the while.

They're worth the time I've spent with you,
Even if it wasn't long.

I only wish I'd spent a little more,
Before our love was gone.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 210 25
Mafia!RomanoXMafia!Reader:Divinita della MorteXIV
He left you behind after saying those words. He had gotten serious.
He just need a sleep, you thought. You put your clothes on as soon as you can and ran back to your room.
"Ah... Should I go to his room...? Or no...?" If you were going to his room, that means a YES, you love him too but if you don't come, he'll be thinking you don't feel the same but you don't want him to feel down. Don't want to make him feel down? Concerned?
You were walking in a circle for 2 minutes. On a moment, you stopped walking. A embarrassing thought entered your mind.
'Going... To his room...? Wait a minute... There's something wrong with that! He's a pervert, he'll do 'that' to me...? Oh hell no... But...' you facepalmed.
You quietly walked on the red carpeted hallways, it was dark, you can barely see the directions to Lovino's room. Finally, you got there. This place was so big like a fortress.
Damn rich bastards...
You peeked at the slightly opened door, his room was kind of bright because of the
:icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 116 26
Mafia!RomanoXMafia!Reader:Divinita della MorteXIII
'She's in the bathroom...? I guess a little tease will be fun.' He mentally smirked. He had something "interesting" on mind. He stood up from the sofa and headed where you are. Lovino was about to open the door but he noticed that the door was slightly opened. 'If my men are here, you might be crying right now.' he sighed. Without thinking twice, he opened the door silently. He saw you behind the thick transparent curtains. Lovino wasn't even embarrassing himself, he continued what he was about to do. When he slides the curtain away, Lovino didn't made a sound. It startled you when he pressed his hand on the tiled wall.
"Keep your voice low." he whispered.
"How can I―"
"Oh I forgot, I locked the door. Even you scream loud as hell, no one will hear you." he said. You pushed him away but he caught your hand.
"Woah? You've become... Sexier?" he said. He looked at you. You don't know yourself why you were not embarrassed to face him naked. In fact,
:icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 108 36
Mafia!RomanoXMafia!Reader:Divinita della Morte XII
"... It was nice talking to you..." you said.
"Same here. By the way, did Roma said where he'll go?"
"I don't remember. Wait a minute... You're from here right? Spain?"
"Would you... Take me home?" you asked shyly.
"E-Excuse me?! What do you think will happen to me if I do that?!"
"I know!"
"Hmm... I'm sure Roma will kick me out of the family if I've done that and hunt me for sure."
"How about joining my Family then?"
"I raised Roma, I can't do that."
"No wonder he looks perverted..." you mumbled.
"Did you said something just now?" he asked.
You'll needing a passport, he said. Passport? Is he nuts? If you do get that, who knows what will happen if they knew your information. You were famous after all~ so what now? Rent a helicopter? Use a ship? Antonio said he'll try to contact YOUR Headquarters but today was Sunday, he'll do that tomorrow.
(Your Family)
"This Family is useless without the Princess." Alfred admitted, laying down on the couch.
"I noticed it rh
:icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 118 52
[APHSimDate] Hong Kong: What exactly are you? by 0xWhaii [APHSimDate] Hong Kong: What exactly are you? :icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 960 538 [APHSimDate] Prince!Italy: Do you love me by 0xWhaii [APHSimDate] Prince!Italy: Do you love me :icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 1,312 1,527 [APHSimDate] Canada: Love at First Sight by 0xWhaii [APHSimDate] Canada: Love at First Sight :icon0xwhaii:0xWhaii 1,181 1,003 Madam Red by MariannaInsomnia Madam Red :iconmariannainsomnia:MariannaInsomnia 3,143 180 Two by MariannaInsomnia Two :iconmariannainsomnia:MariannaInsomnia 2,417 109 Sasuke Smile~!   (gif animation) by DoreDemoiiYo Sasuke Smile~! (gif animation) :icondoredemoiiyo:DoreDemoiiYo 140 175
Mature content
APH: Good Cop, Bad Cop- PolicePrussiaxPoliceReader :iconimagination-junkie:imagination-junkie 561 169
Mature content
Hetalia x Reader - 'Sizes' [England] :iconxcreativepoppet:xCreativePoppet 679 781
Once Upon A December [Russia x Reader] 02
Snow glistened in the midday light as you tightened your scarf around your slim neck, ignoring the ranting of the mistress of the run-down orphanage that you sadly had to call your home for the past ten years. "Why you no grateful? When you came, you were nothing! Without me, you nothing! Now, go make good of yourself and take left at the fork. You work in fish market now." Slipping a worn green hat on top of your short pony-tail, you mocked the elderly lady with your gloved hands and made faces at her as she turned away. Walking out the rusted gate to the large house, you turned and snorted at the old building, "Anya, why you no grateful? You go work at fish market.. Blah blah blah blah blah! Old hag! You nothing without me! How about I become something on my own? Yeah! That sounds great... Making my own path.." But how exactly would you do that? You were just a simple, no-named orphan whose only clue to the life that she doesn't remember and to her family is a gold and
:icongydachariad:gydachariad 47 47



Kael Rei
I'm just your average girl trying to get most out of her life. (。◕◇◕。)
I haven't started going to college yet, but I already feel dead-tired. I've been endlessly going back and forth to my school to fix stuff, and really, it's stressing me out. But I can't say that because I still haven't experienced college life. I mean, I am going to start really soon, like... in 2 days.
Ah, yeah... My school starts on September 06, 2012, and seriously, I haven't done anything fun. But then, I did have fun chatting with really awesome people like :icon0xwhaii: (Whaii), :iconxxprinceofthenightxx: (fishy), :icondoredemoiiyo: (Remi-chi), :iconits-emina: (Emi-tan), :iconrandomraddaguy: (Genji-kun), and many more. [[the people I mentioned are really fun to hangout with. And to the people mentioned, GAAAAIYYYSSSS, I WANNA BE THEREEE NEXT TO YOUUUU ALLLLLL DD: friggin' computer screen, being a killjoy... WHYYYY CAN'T IT BE LIKE A TELEPORTATION OR LIKE A PORTAL OR A WARP OR SHIIIZZZ?!?!?! ]]


Anyhow, I'll be going now. I still have to wake up early since I have to go back to my school and get my I.D. -mumbles-
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